Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Cusco, Perú.

26 Feb

Trek 2. Silent Village


silent village 2This is a half a day trek through the slopes north west of Phiry.

Our destination is Slient Village, a vast plateau not visible from the valley, with a handful of stony houses, now abandoned, and a stop point on the way to La Laguna.

You will have a chance to see varied wild vegetation in the lower parts of the trail, and Inca terrcaces no longer in use in the steep, upper part.

To the west, panorama of Mount Veronica dominates the horizon.

This trek is excellent for acclimatization and introduction to more strenuous walks. It can be extended to a full day trip to La Laguna.

The trek can be taken anytime during the day.


We start at El Molino land, descend to northern Phiry and walk east through the village until we reach a cemetary at its very end.

From here, we engage on the trail. After a relatively rapid vertical ascent, we take a longer traverse westward and arrive at the first plateau, covered with multiple springs flowing down from La Laguna.

We traverse the plateau and reach steep, terraced slopes that we cross in another vertical ascent lasting one to one and a half hours.

Finally, we reach the vast plateau of Silent Village, our destination. Depening on the time of the day we stop here for an early lunch or an afternoon meal, after which we spend some time exploring the plateau and the abandoned village, and admire the panoramas.

We take one to one and a half hours to descend to el Molino.


5 hours


Start at El Molino 2,700m (13,615ft)
Trail Entrance 2,700m (16,080ft)
First Plateau 3,000m (17,715ft)
Silent Village 3,000m (17,715ft)

Recommended Preparation

No special preparation required. We may walk more slowly in case if this is your first day in the valley, to allow for acclimatisation.

Weather Forecasts

The trail leads through exposed, south western slopes so you should expect strong sun from lat morning until afternoon. Sunscreen obligatory at any time of the day.