Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, Cusco, Perú.

26 Feb

Trek 1. Terrace Phirymarca


Terrace Phirymarca is located just opposite El Molino land, across the road linking Urubamba and Quillabamba.

The terrace has the shape of a triangle, cheap nba jerseys with two sides WordPress! overlooking the Sacred Valley and the back adjacent to Mount Veronica’s slopes.

Once on top, admire panoramic views from this balcony strategically located in front of a fork with one road leading north to Quillabamba, another running west to Machu Picchu.

The trek can be taken anytime during the day.


We start at El Molino land, descend to Phiry and cross over the route linking Urubamba nad Quillabamba.

We pass the a village, the quinoa and flower fields and continue north west across a water stream falling from Mount Veronica to Urubamba river.

After we leave Location last houses behind, we start a mild ascent zigzaging on the southern slope of Terrace Phirymarca. The trail leads through herbs, high grass and occasional bushes. It is especially pleasant in the morning as the sun spreads through the valley but leaves our trail in the shadow.

After half an hour of walk and as we are approaching the terrace, we stop to take a look at Urubamba river and the railways leading to Machu Picchu. We then cross over to north east and arrive at the terrace.

We rest at the terrace, and use this time to admire panoramic views of the valley as well as the construction of stone walls of the terrace itself.

We take 30 minutes to descend to el Molino.


2 hours


Start at El Molino 2,700m (13,615ft)
Foothill of the Terrace 2,700m (16,080ft)
Terrace Phirymarca 3,000m (17,715ft)

Recommended Preparation

No special preparation required. We may walk more slowly in case if this is your first day in the valley.

Weather Forecasts

Given sun exposure on top of the terrace, it is recommended to take the trek in the morning or in the afternoon. Sunscreen obligatory at any 10 time of the day.